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Your roof surface requires regular cleaning to prevent accumulations of mould, moss and algae that can cause structural damage. The expert cleaners at Majestic Pressure Washing Services offer effective pressure cleaning services to help get rid of any matter build-up on your roof.


Cleaning gutters with a pressure washer allows us to reduce clogging, prevent overflows and extend the lifespan of your entire roof. Additionally, your home roof is one of the many hard surfaces that you tend to forget about, but cleaning it can be important for its long-term durability. Our jet washing services make it easy to get your downspout, gutter and roof pressure-washed safely.

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Our ultimate patio cleaning solution. Explore our comprehensive range of patio cleaning products and accessories designed to tackle even the toughest dirt and grime. Transform your outdoor space with ease and efficiency using our high-quality pressure washers, specifically designed for patio cleaning. Experience the power of our innovative technology and achieve outstanding results in no time.


Transform your driveway into a pristine and inviting space. Our dedicated team of professionals is equipped with the latest equipment and knowledge to deliver exceptional results and to have your driveway looking like new.


Soffit boards often get overlooked during normal exterior cleaning services, but we can use our power washing equipment to blast away any lingering dirt that might block vents or cause long-term roof damage.


We can offer Graffiti removal on various types of surfaces. Removing graffiti quickly and without damaging surfaces even as sensitive as limestone and Heritage monuments. We also guarantee that no ghosting from the Graffiti attack will remain. We can then apply a protective invisible coating to safe guard from further attacks.

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